Tower of Babel

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- Prologue -

''Grant my people the power to learn from their mistakes. Because if the dawn of the End will be near, grant them a second chance, to create a world we all long for. Make an oath with the lower Realm.'' These were the words of The Great Spirit when he sent his 'Angels' on a mission to form a pact with the Human race.

The Angels looked all over the Planet and all of them bonded with all kinds of gods, all of them in the appearances of the animals we know today.

''Gods of the Elements, grant my children rebirth when the last hour will rang.'' The Great Spirit told his Angels. The most of them agreed with this, but not all were as satisfied as the others.

''Those mortals... One day they'll turn their back to us. Betray us and they'll burn Mother Nature to ashes.'' The Snake hissed furiously.

''We'll only grand rebirth to the children, whose soul is still innocent and pure.'' The Lion defended. Unfortunately his argument didn't change the other's opinions that easily.

A great war started from that moment. A fight between the Angels who will grant Rebirth to the human-race, and those who won't allow it. It's a jihad that will go on forever, but unnoticed by us human-beings.

A new generation comes up. The Apocalypse isn't far anymore...

-Prophecy X

Want to join this collaboration? Send me(Bubblefox) an application and I'll look if your style will fit in the story. When you'll become an author, post a drawing with your character and it's information such as:


Keep in mind you have to (if you want to play a God) pick a side. Will you fight FOR the Human-race, or AGAINST? Or do you want to play a human character? Add that also in your post.
The Gods must also have an animal-like feature. For example, did that God bonded with the cats? give him a tail and cat ears. NOTE: There can only be ONE cat-God, ONE dog-God and so on!

Gods that are taken:
- Fox-Goddess: by bubblefox
- Jackal-God: by Melinxie!
- Wolf-God: by brokenwings
- Raven-God: by bubblefox
- Horse-God: by WolfsNeverDie
- Shrimp-Goddess: by all
- Hyena-God: by SilverHyena
- Bat-God: by Shest
- Cat-God: by +NYAPPY
- Snow Leopard-Goddess: by Fire Glaceon
- Dog-Goddess: by brokenwings
- Monkey-God: by OUT
- Dragon-Goddess: by Sadder
- Ram-Goddess: by SilverHyena

- Julia: by brokenwings

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